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Hi all. I just had laparoscopic surgery and I'm wondering if anyone else would like to share their experiences - I'm wondering how long it takes to start feeling normal again, etc. I tried to search the community but didn't find anything, but if there are memories I should look at, please let me know. Thanks!


i was just gazing down at my various laporoscopy scars this afternoon. my bely button is seriously a hard mass of built up scar tissue.
i usually take at least a week off of work just to get used to things again, but it depends on what they do when they are inside of you.
when i had some growths removed i needed a couple weeks, and it took a week or so even after that for me to feel 100%.
but, with my last exploratory i needed just under a week before i felt able to get up and do moving around things. there is still a getting back to normal period, but i guess that would depend on the person, and your health, etc.
your body will let you know what's up.
A week is normal, if not too much is done inside. You will probably have a painful first cycle afterwards, though. Something they've told me after my surgeries is that I needed to remember that it is difficult for our bodies to recover from any surgery, and that I would likely be very tired and worn out for a month or so following.

Here's to a speedy recovery! :)
Thanks to you both. I thought I'd be totally back to normal in a week - it's a week today, and I'm feeling a lot better, but still have some healing to do. But it's going well so far.
Hi sweetheart.
I had a laproscopy on monday 8th of jan, and today i started to walk again. My abdomen is still swollen so i look 5months pregnant but i'm doing ok. i would also love to hear from anyone who has had this surgery.
Oh, good luck to you! I had mine on Dec 7th. I was moving around fairly normally within a week, but it took a little longer for my incisions to heal. It all went well for me, though.

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